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Vatican Monsignor Arrested time that is second Illicit Financial Dealings

Февраль 27, 2020

Monsignor Nunzio Scarano has some ‘splainin’ to do after having a second arrest involving Vatican funds (Image: AP)

Once you think you’ve heard the craziest embezzlement story in the history of guy, along comes another one to prove you dead wrong. Such is the scenario of the Vatican monsignor already awaiting test on charges of plotting to smuggle 20 million euros ($30.8 million) into Italy out of Switzerland, brain you whom has now been charged separately for allegedly using his access to Vatican bank accounts to launder money.

Millions of Euros Moved Around

Referred to as ‘Monsignor 500′ because that is reportedly his favorite money denomination, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano had been arrested by economic authorities in Salerno in the south of Italy, after police say he utilized fictitious donations from overseas businesses to maneuver an incredible number of euros through his Vatican Institute for Religious Functions accounts.

When police caught up with Salerno last week, these people were able to confiscate 6.5 million euros well worth of bank accounts and genuine estate holdings, including a luxury condo occupied by Salerno himself that was decked out with high priced artwork and collectibles.

A local priest was placed under house arrest while a notary public received a suspension for their alleged roles in the money-laundering scheme along with Salerno. But evidently the tentacles were far-reaching o (далее…)

Suffolk Downs Plans with Mohegan Sun Blasted for Environmental Problems

Февраль 27, 2020

Massachusetts citizens have a closer examine a proposed Suffolk Downs Mohegan Sun casino task, which continues in the future under fire (Image: The Courant)

It’s beginning to look like opponents and supporters for the Mohegan Sun casino plan in Revere, Massachusetts will be tooth that is fighting nail at every opportunity over perhaps the project can go forward. The strange thing is that it looks a lot like they’re getting the same exact battle repeatedly.

Environmental Docs Come Under Fire

In the latest round of battle over whether or not to ever allow Suffolk Downs and Mohegan Sun to push for a casino solely in Revere, opponents associated with the casino plan are stating that developers failed to meet state application requirements regarding submitting environmental papers. The problem, they say, is that a huge selection of pages of documentation originated from the older version of this casino plan: the one that might have seen Suffolk Downs work with Caesars Entertainment for a casino in East Boston, bordering Revere.

This, of program, is absolutely nothing new to whoever has been following Suffolk Downs casino that is ongoing saga. Ever since the November votes that saw East Boston reject the original casino plan at the same time as Revere voters came out in favor of it, both sides have fought over just how much of that plan could be used to push ahead the alternative vision being proposed (далее…)

European Bookmakers Lose Millions on Horses Linked to Barney Curley

Февраль 27, 2020

Iconic gambler Barney Curley has done it once again each time a 9000- 1 shot on four horses came through (Image: The Guardian)

There’s absolutely nothing quite like the feeling of hitting a daily double, choose six or other big accumulator at the competition track, especially when that final horse comes in to complete your once-in-a-lifetime payday. But while there were some epic wins over the course of horse racing history, few compare to the story that played out this week in the united kingdom as four horses associated with famous gambler Barney Curley pulled off shocking victories that may have cost bookmakers millions.

Long Odds on Four Horses

The story began on Tuesday night, as odds started showing up for some of Wednesday’s events. There were four horses in all, each coming down a layoff that is long race at fairly long odds. Horses Eye of this Tiger and Indus Valley were both longshots that are 20-1 while Seven Summits and Low Key had been more reasonably priced at 7-1. In any situation, a $1 accumulator bet on all four horses to win could have made a bettor around $13,000 at Bet365, if the wagers came in at simply the best time when all four races were on the board and also the odds were as favorable as possible.

Estimates of just how money that is much lost by bookmakers from the four not likely champions varied greatly. One spokesman for Paddy energy said that the hit that is industry-wide are (далее…)

Poker Blogger Jay Newnum Gets Probation After Foxwoods Tip Box Theft

Февраль 27, 2020

Former poker blogger Jay Newnum is stepping away from poker after receiving probation for stealing from the dealer’s tip container (Image:

When you are a poker blogger/reporter hired to cover a good-sized tournament at a major land casino, probably creating a move on the dealer’s tip field isn’t your decision that is best ever. Apparently, not everybody else grasps that reality, and today from the ‘what were you thinking’ files comes news that 41-year-old probably-not-anymore poker blogger Jay Newnum has received probation for stealing almost $700 while covering a Foxwoods casino poker tourney on 16 of last year december.

One from Column A

The Fishers, Indiana writer apparently returned the stolen funds taken from the tip box reportedly snatched up using chopsticks, a visual we find pretty amusing during a Mega Stack Challenge $600 No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament held at the Mashantucket that is popular casino.

Newnum are going to be permitted to participate in something called ‘accelerated rehabilitation,’ an official state court program that may wipe his record clean through the probation period without using chopsticks on anything but chow mein and moo goo gai pan if he makes it. Newnum dodged a bullet with this sentencing, as this Class B misdemeanor could have brought a optimum of six months in jail as well as up to $1,000 in punitive fines.

Despite the event occurring back (далее…)