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Ten harmful philosophy that perpetuate physical violence against females and girls

Апрель 21, 2020

Physical Violence against ladies and girls is rooted within the commonly accepted social norms that many times subscribe to gender inequality, including male entitlement, domination and control of the systems of females. Picture: William Vest-Lillesoe/Oxfam

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”It is frightening to consider that you might perhaps maybe not get back home alive 1 day. ”

One out of three females will experience real or intimate physical violence in her life time. Whilst there’s absolutely no single cause for such physical violence, a few of the strongest & most consistent facets are harmful social norms that donate to gender inequality.

These norms derive from provided thinking and objectives exactly how individuals should act. They consist of male entitlement, domination and control of the figures of females and girls, and gender that is rigid, as highlighted within an Oxfam’s research from 12 nations across Africa, Latin America and also the Caribbean plus the Pacific.

Find out ten of the norms that are social drive physical physical violence against females and girls.

1. Females should be submissive to family that is male in all respects of her life

Rigid sex functions usually end in the expectation that ladies be submissive to male family unit members. (далее…)