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After grandma’s arrested, jailed at Disney to carry CBD oil, we try to find responses about Florida’s medical marijuana laws and regulations | Commentary

Декабрь 4, 2019

A week ago we discovered that a 69-year-old grandmother who had been hoping to invest a great trip to Disney World ended up being alternatively arrested for carrying the CBD oil she utilized to deal with her joint disease.

You realize it’s a vacation that is rough the sole fast-pass you can get will be the Orange County Jail.

And that is exactly what Hester Jordan Burkhalter got — a 12-hour stop by at “It’s A small Cell Most likely.”

The headlines prompted headlines that are worldwide. And confusion.

All things considered, simply just last year all of us read stories with headlines like, “Trump signs farm bill, legalizes CBD.”

Therefore CBD is appropriate in the usa, but illegal in Florida? (далее…)