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7 Mistakes guys make whenever trying to last for a longer time:

Январь 21, 2020

Error no. 1 : Forcefully stopping the ejaculation from being released (aka Retrograde in-jaculation or ejaculation)

This technique that is ill-advised pushing your perineum, squeezing your cock shut or contracting your computer muscles AFTER you pass the purpose of no return, e.g., following the ejaculatory reaction has started.

Why this might be an error:

1. You still lose most or all your intimate power and endurance hot cambodian women, so intercourse probably ends anyhow 2. because you are forcing the ‘explosion’ to keep as part of your human body, it leads to impotence problems, prostate harm, along with other undesireable effects. 3. If you are as part of your partner or you penetrate her once more, your cock nevertheless drips semen, and also you could easily get her expecting if you aren’t making use of sufficient protection 4. It does not enable you to take control of your ejaculation as you nevertheless ejaculate into the bladder